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Welcome to Smart Body Touch. My name is Susan Downey… I write about fitness and fitness trackers/smartwatches.

This is a content hub on everything you need to know about fitness trackers and smartwatches. 

I started Smart Body Touch to help budding fitness enthusiasts like you learn more about fitness trackers and smartwatches. Whether you own a fitness tracker (like Fitbit, WHOOP, Oura Ring, etc) or are looking forward to buying one, you’ll learn a lot about the device from this site.

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Wondering which Fitness Tracking device is suitable for you? We cover all the guides to make your search easier.

Product Reviews

We take each Fitness tracker and analyze it in-depth. So you never have to buy the wrong version ever

Knowledge Base

Want to learn something about your fitness tracker model? We include resourceful information that you’ll love. 


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