Fitbit Models by Year: A Guide to Fitbit Devices by Release Date

With so many Fitbit devices on the market, it can be challenging to keep track of each model’s release date. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll provide an overview of all Fitbit models by year, including their pictures, release dates, and whether they are a watch or a wristband.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a tech enthusiast, this guide will help you understand the different Fitbit models available and choose the best one for your needs.

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Fitbit Models by Year of Release Chart

There are several types of Fitbits available in the market. The table below lists all Fitbit models, their pictures, their release dates, and whether they are a clip, watch, or wristband:

Fitbit ModelImageRelease DateType
Fitbit ClassicFitbit Classic2009Clip
Fitbit UltraFitbit UltraOctober 2011Clip
Fitbit OneFitBit-One-The-Best-FitBit-for-Kids-ever-createdSeptember 2012Clip
Fitbit ZipFitbit ZipSeptember 2012Clip
Fitbit FlexFitbit FlexMay 2013Wristband
Fitbit ForceFitbit ForceOctober 2013Wristband
Fitbit ChargeFitbit ChargeOctober 2014Wristband
Fitbit SurgeFitbit SurgeOctober 2014Watch
Fitbit Charge HRFitbit Charge HRJanuary 2015Wristband
Fitbit Flex 2Fitbit flex 22016Wristband
Fitbit BlazeFitbit BlazeJanuary 2016Watch
Fitbit AltaFitbit AltaFebruary 2016Wristband
Fitbit Charge 2Fitbit Charge 2September 2016Wristband
Fitbit Alta HRFitbit Alta HRMarch 2017Wristband
Fitbit IonicFitbit IonicSeptember 2017Watch
Fitbit Ace rangeFitbit Ace rangeMarch 2018Wristband
Fitbit VersaFitbit VersaApril 2018Watch
Fitbit Charge 3Fitbit Charge 3October 2018Wristband
Fitbit InspireFitbit InspireMarch 2019Wristband
Fitbit Inspire HRFitbit Inspire HRMarch 2019Wristband
Fitbit Ace 2Fitbit Ace 2March 2019Wristband
Fitbit Versa 2Fitbit Versa 2September 2019Watch
Fitbit Charge 4Fitbit Charge 4March 2020Wristband
Fitbit SenseFitbit SenseSeptember 2020Watch
Fitbit Inspire 2Fitbit Inspire 2September 2020Wristband
Fitbit Versa 3Fitbit Versa 3September 2020Watch
Fitbit Ace 3Fitbit Ace 3March 2021Wristband
Fitbit LuxeFitbit LuxeApril 2021Wristband
Fitbit Charge 5Fitbit Charge 5September 2021Wristband
Fitbit Inspire 3Fitbit Inspire 3September 2022Wristband
Fitbit Versa 4Fitbit Versa 4September 2022Watch
Fitbit Sense 2Fitbit Sense 2September 2022Watch
Google Pixel WatchGoogle Pixel WatchOctober 2022Watch

NB: The above table only includes some of the most popular Fitbit models, and other models may be available that are not listed here. Additionally, some models have been discontinued.

How many versions of Fitbit are there?

The exact number of Fitbit versions can be difficult to pin down as the company has released different models over the years, some of which have been discontinued.

As of April 2023, Fitbit offers the following trackers and watches for purchase:

  • Trackers: Fitbit Ace, Fitbit Inspire HR, Fitbit Inspire 2, Fitbit Charge 5, Fitbit Luxe, and Fitbit Inspire 3.
  • Watches: Fitbit Versa 2, Fitbit Versa 3, Fitbit Sense, Fitbit Versa 4, and Fitbit Sense 2.

NB: Some Fitbit devices not listed above are still available through third-party sellers or refurbished options.

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Discontinued Fitbit Models (Devices no longer supported)

Fitbit has discontinued several devices over the years as they release new models with updated features.

Clip-on Fitbit trackers discontinued include Fit Tracker, Fitbit Ultra, Fitbit One, Fitbit Zip,

Wristband Fitbit trackers discontinued include Fitbit Flex, Fitbit Flex 2, Fitbit Force, Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Charge HR, Fitbit Charge 2, Fitbit Charge 3, Fitbit Charge 4, Fitbit Alta, Fitbit Alta HR, and Fitbit Alta HR.

Fitbit smartwatches discontinued include Fitbit Surge, Fitbit Blaze, Fitbit Ionic, and Fitbit Versa

NB: Even though the old Fitbit models are discontinued, they may still be available through third-party sellers like and eBay. The Fitbit old models are no longer supported by Fitbit.


Which is the oldest Fitbit?

The oldest Fitbit model is the Fitbit Classic. The clip-on Fitbit tracker was released in 2009 and it tracked steps and sleep.
The water-resistant activity tracker had a decent battery life of up to 7 days.
While the tracker didn’t have all the features of newer Fitbit models, the Classic was a simple and affordable way to track your activity and sleep.

What is the latest device from Fitbit?

As of July 2023, the latest device from Fitbit is the Google Pixel Watch. (Yes, you read that right! Google now owns Fitbit since January 2021.) The Google Pixel Watch was released in October 2022.
The latest wristband from Fitbit is the Fitbit Inspire 3. The Fitbit newest model was released in September 2022.

How do I know what model my old Fitbit is?

To determine the model of your old Fitbit device, you can check the device itself, check the packaging, check the Fitbit website, contact Fitbit support, or search online… NB: Read this post to find out the Fitbit model you have

When did Fitbit come out?

Fitbit, the company known for its fitness tracking devices, was founded on March 26, 2007, in San Francisco, California. The first Fitbit device, called the Fitbit Tracker, was released in 2009. The Fitbit tracked sleep and steps only and had a 7-day battery life.

What is the Fitbit Force release date?

The Fitbit Force, a wrist-worn activity tracker, was released in October 2013. Fitbit, working with the Consumer Protection Safety Commission, recalled the Fitbit Force in February 2014 due to reports of skin irritation experienced by some users.

What is the Fitbit Flex release date?

The Fitbit Flex was released on May 2013. It was one of the early wrist-worn activity trackers introduced by Fitbit and gained significant popularity for its sleek design and functionality. The Fitbit tracked steps and sleep only and had a 5-day battery life.
NB: The Fitbit Flex is among the older Fitbit models discontinued by Fitbit.

Is Fitbit Charge 4 discontinued?

Yes, the Fitbit Charge 4, which was released in March 2020 has been discontinued by the manufacturer. It is among the Fitbit older models and was replaced by the Fitbit Charge 5, released in September 2021.
Fitbit Models by Year


Fitbit has come a long way since its initial launch in March 2007. With dozens of models released over the years, the company has provided various options for fitness enthusiasts and tech enthusiasts alike.

In this post, we’ve provided an overview of popular Fitbit models by year, including their release date, their pictures, and whether they are a watch or a wristband.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new Fitbit or just curious about the different models that have been released, this Fitbit models by year guide can serve as a helpful resource.