How do I Find out What Fitbit I Have?

Which Fitbit do I have?How do I find out what Fitbit I have? These are common questions among most people who have been gifted with a Fitbit – one of the best activity trackers…

If you’re not sure which Fitbit model you own, don’t worry – it’s easy to find out! In this post, I’ll show you how to identify your Fitbit by checking the packaging, the device itself, or the Fitbit app on your phone.

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Why would you need to know the Fitbit model you have?

Different Fitbit models, including Flex, One, Zip, Charge, and Charge HR, come with different features and compatibilities.

Knowing the Fitbit type you have lets you know what it can and cannot do – this lets you know the device’s compatibilities.

(Once you know the model you have, head over to to check out the Fitbit’s features and compatibilities).

You will also need to know the Fitbit type you have so that you can set it up with the Fitbit App. Once you download the Fitbit app on your phone, you will need to choose the Fitbit Type you have for setting up.

How do I Find out what Fitbit I Have? (steps)

If you’re unsure which Fitbit model you have, there are several ways to identify it. You can check the packaging or the device itself for the model name or number. Alternatively, you can use the Fitbit app on your phone to see the model information:

Using the model number

Each Fitbit has a unique model number. Once you know the device’s model number, you can quickly figure out the device type you have.

Some Fitbits come with the model number written on the back. (If it doesn’t have the model numbers written, then use the other method below)

The following is a table showing FitBits with their corresponding model numbers.

FitbitModel No.Type
Fitbit Charge 5FB421/FB423Fitness tracker
Fitbit SenseFB512Smartwatch
Fitbit Charge 4FB417Fitness tracker
Fitbit Charge 3FB409Fitness tracker
Fitbit Charge 2FB407Fitness tracker
Fitbit Charge HRFB405Fitness tracker
Fitbit ChargeFB404Fitness tracker
Fitbit Versa 3FB511Smartwatch
Fitbit Versa 2FB507Smartwatch
Fitbit VersaFB504Smartwatch
Fitbit Versa LiteFB415Smartwatch
Fitbit IonicFB503Smartwatch
Fitbit BlazeFB502Smartwatch
Fitbit SurgeFB501Fitness tracker
Fitbit Inspire HRFB413Fitness tracker
Fitbit Inspire (NON-HR)FB412Fitness tracker
Fitbit Alta HRFB408Fitness tracker
Fitbit AltaFB406Fitness tracker
Fitbit Flex 2FB403Fitness tracker
Fitbit FlexFB401Fitness tracker
What kind of Fitbit do I have? What Fitbit do i have?

Using the Original Packaging

You can find out which Fitbit model you own by looking at the original packaging and documentation. The model name and number are usually clearly marked on the original packaging or in the documentation.

If you no longer have the packaging or documentation for your Fitbit, you can try using the Fitbit app or website to determine which Fitbit model you have.

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Using the Fitbit App

If the Fitbit you have doesn’t have the model number on the housing, follow the following steps to know the Fitbit you have.

  • Charge the Fitbit watch/tracker
  • Download the Fitbit App on your smartphone
  • Go onto the Fitbit App.
  • Click on ‘Account’, then ‘Set up a Device’
  • On the list of Fitbits, look for the one that looks like the device you have. (scroll to see all the devices listed)

Using the Fitbit Website

If you don’t have the Fitbit model number, you can use the Fitbit website to tell which Fitbit you have.

Head over to’s products page and look for the Fitbit tracker or smartwatch that looks like the one you have.

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You can also use the table below to try and figure out the Fitbit you have :). The table shows Fitbit names and pictures.

Fitbit Charge 5Fitbit Charge 5 - Which Fitbit do I have?
Fitbit Charge 4which fitbit do i have
Fitbit Charge 3what fitbit do i have
Fitbit Charge 2how to tell which fitbit i have
Fitbit Charge HRhow do i know what fitbit i have
Fitbit Chargehow do i know which fitbit i have
Fitbit Flexwhat kind of fitbit do i have
Fitbit Flex 2how can i tell which fitbit i have
Fitbit Altahow to know what fitbit i have
Fitbit Alta HRhow can i tell what fitbit i have
Fitbit Inspire HRhow to tell what fitbit i have
Fitbit Sense
Fitbit Versa 3
Fitbit Versa 2
Fitbit Versa
Fitbit Versa Lite
Fitbit Ionic
Fitbit Blaze
Fitbit Surge
What kind of Fitbit do I have?


Is there a way to determine the Fitbit I have from the device itself?

Yes, you can use the Fitbit app to determine which model you have. The app will provide information about the model based on the serial number of your device.

What is a Fitbit?

A Fitbit is a fitness tracker that measures your heart rate and tracks your activities. You can track your heart rate, exercise, and sleep, using a simple device. It has a heart rate monitor that tracks your heart rate day and night. A Fitbit also tracks your steps, distance, and calories burned and syncs that information to your phone.

What’s New from Fitbit?

The following is what’s new from Fitbit this year:
– Luxe fitness tracker
– Ace 3 fitness tracker
For up-to-date info on what’s new from Fitbit always check this page:

How do I know if I have a Fitbit Charge 2 or 3?

You can differentiate between a Fitbit Charge 2 and a Charge 3 by looking at the design of the tracker. The Charge 3 has a slimmer and more streamlined design (the screen is more rectangular) compared to the Charge 2, which has a bulkier and more square design.
You can also check the model number on the back or side of the Fitbit, or through the Fitbit mobile app or packaging. Fitbit Charge 3 has the model number FB409 while the Charge 2 has the model number FB407.

Parting Shot

How do I Find out what Fitbit I Have?

There are several ways to determine which Fitbit model you have.

  • You can look for the model name or number on the packaging or documentation that came with the Fitbit,
  • Check for any distinctive features or characteristics of the device itself,
  • Use the Fitbit app or website to find out more information.

By following the above steps, you can easily determine what kind of Fitbit you have. Being able to identify the Fitbit model you own can be helpful in a variety of situations.

I hope the above post satisfactorily answers the question – What Fitbit do I have?