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Water Lock on Fitbit (How it Works, Activating and Deactivating)

Although most Fitbits are water-resistant, some models come with a water lock mode. The best thing about water lock mode is that it shields your device from accidental button presses and touches on its display.

The Water Lock Feature locks the display so that it doesn’t move. When water is detected, Fitbit locks the display but doesn’t turn off the tracker. This is done so that you can still track your activity if you are in the water.

However, sometimes it’s hard to get your Fitbit out of the water lock mode after engaging in some water sports. If you’re having problems with the water lock mode on your Fitbit, I’ve got you covered. Here are some crucial tips on how to get your Fitbit back to its normal state.

How the Fitbit Water Lock Works

Surprisingly, water from water sports and showers can activate your Fitbit’s screen. To prevent this, Fitbit installed the water lock mode on some models. Water lock functions by disabling your Fitbit’s touch screen and buttons from any unintended swipes, touches, or opening apps that can occur when you shower, swim or participate in other water activities.

When water lock mode is activated, the Fitbit’s screen locks and a water lock icon appears on your screen. Although alarms and notifications will be displayed on the screen, your touch screen will be unresponsive and won’t permit interactions.

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Fitbits that have Water Lock Feature

How to Activate Water Lock

Surprisingly, only some Fitbit models can allow you to activate the water lock manually. Presently, the Fitbit Luxe and Fitbit Inspire 2 have a manual option to turn on the water lock.

Although the Sense and Versa 3 have the water lock mode, it’s automatically turned on when you start a swim in the Exercise app.

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How to Turn on Water Lock Manually

Water Lock on Fitbit

Go to the Fitbit’s Quick settings, tap the water lock icon, and tap your screen twice. To deactivate the water lock, double-tap your screen again.

How to Deactivate Water Lock

Sometimes you may not be showering, swimming, or engaging in some water sports, but your Fitbit automatically turns on the Water lock. In this case, you can try pressing the side buttons.

If you’ve finished swimming and you can’t take your Fitbit back to its normal state, don’t worry. Here are some crucial tips that will get your device out of Water lock mode.

Before troubleshooting, ensure your Fitbit is completely dry by wiping it using a microfiber cloth to eliminate all water droplets. Ensure your fingers are also dry, and apply lotion after disabling the water lock.

Try a Stronger Double-tap

  • Double-tap your Fitbit’s screen using more force than you normally use. You can try using your palm or multiple fingers.
  • If there is a message on the screen about turning the water lock off, tap the screen twice.
  • If you’re using Fitbit Inspire 2, double-tap your screen firmly, and then press the side buttons at the same time.

Charge Your Fitbit

Connect the Fitbit to a charger and check if it gets out of the water lock mode. This will only function if the Fitbit is charging.

Change the Fitbit’s Clock Face

Change the clock face temporarily in the Fitbit app. Once it’s in its normal state, restore the usual clock face.

  • Go to the Fitbit app.
  • Open the Today tab, then your profile icon or picture.
  • Choose the Clock Faces title.
  • Select and install another clock face. It’s advisable to choose one by Fitbit.

Restart Your Fitbit Manually

  • For the Fitbit Inspire 2, connect it to the charger, then press the side buttons simultaneously for five seconds and release. A smiley face will appear, and your Fitbit will vibrate.
  • For the Fitbit Luxe, connect it to the charger and press the button on the charger thrice; ensure you pause for one second when pressing. You’ll see the Fitbit logo appear.
  • For Fitbit Versa 33 and Sense, press and hold the side buttons for 10 seconds until the Fitbit logo appears on the screen.

What to Do if Your Fitbit Keeps Turning On When Not in Water

If your device keeps activating the water lock, try to wear the Fitbit a bit higher on your wrist and ensure it’s not too tight. Also, you can wear your Fitbit on the inside of your wrist instead of the outside.

Ensure your Fitbit’s firmware is always updated. For some models like Inspire 2, you’ll find a setting called Button Lock. When you turn this on, your buttons are disabled and won’t activate your screen.

However, the Button Lock drains your battery fast, and your Fitbit needs frequent charging.


Why my Fitbit keeps activating Water Lock?

Your Fitbit may keep activating the water lock if you wear it in the lower part of your wrist. Also, if you wear the device on the outside of your wrist, it can have this problem. To solve this, follow the steps I’ve listed above.

Water Lock on Fitbit Explained

Can you swim with Fitbit?

Yes, you can. However, not all Fitbit bands are water-resistant. So, if you’ve metal, leather, or woven band, you need to change it before getting into the water.


If your Fitbit gets wet, ensure you take it off and dry it well before wearing it again. I hope that this post will help you get back your Fitbit to its normal state.

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