Can Whoop Strap Be Worn On Ankle?

In the world of smart wearables and fitness trackers, there are several devices that are designed to be worn on various parts of the body. One of these fitness trackers is the Whoop Strap which helps you improve your exercise performance, sleep, and feel motivated by your fitness and health habits.

However, most fitness enthusiasts wonder if it’s possible to wear a Whoop Strap on the ankle. So, can you wear the Whoop Strap on your ankle? Here’s everything you need to know about the Whoop Strap.

What is Whoop?

A whoop is a high-tech gadget that measures workout intensity, sleep, and how you recover from workouts and gives tips to improve on these areas. Whoop depends on heart rate, HRV, and other crucial metrics to assess workout strain, sleep quality. This wearable doesn’t have a display since it’s not designed as a regular watch or an extension to your phone.

What Does it Do?

The Whoop app has three categories: sleep, recovery, and strain.


The Whoop analyzes the duration of your sleep, the sleep stages, and how restful your sleep is. It also comes with a Sleep Coach that suggests how long you should sleep, depending on your training schedule the next day or how you want to feel.


Recovery measures how your body is ready to respond to a training stimulus or how your body will respond to strain. Whoop shows you when the RHR, sleep quality, or HRV, or sleep quality declines, meaning that you need to take a rest or slow down on your workouts.

Whoop gives you a daily recovery score based on your sleep quality, your activities the previous day, and other aspects like resting heart rate and HRV.


The amount of energy you use in workouts can show how strenuous your workouts are and how your body responds to travel, work, and stress. Whoop recommends that the amount of strain you use every day should be related to your recovery the previous night.

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Key Features of the Whoop

Can you wear whoop on your ankle?

Don’t be fooled by Whoop’s simplicity; it comes with a ton of sophisticated sensors that can measure your heart rate variability (HRV), heart beats per minute, 3D acceleration, skin temperature, and movement. These sensors include:

  • Optical Heart Rate Sensor: This sensor measures your heart rate and heart rate viability using green LEDs that shine light through your skin and four photodiodes that collect the reflected light.
  • Pulse Oximeter: The Whoop uses this sensor to track your spO2 (blood oxygen saturation) using one infrared LED and one red. This sensor is also used for sleep tracking.
  • Skin Conductance Sensor: This sensor keeps tabs on how your skin conducts electricity and the changes that occur. This is a crucial aspect because it improves the reliability of sleep tracking.
  • 3D Accelerometer and Gyroscope: The built-in accelerometer is used for exercise tracing and workout detection. Whoop uses an accelerometer to help with heart rate monitoring and check your respiration rate while asleep.

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Where should I wear my WHOOP Strap?

The Whoop strap is designed to be worn on your wrist. However, you can use a bicep band to move the Whoop on your biceps. This is important if you engage in high-energy workouts.

So, can you wear Whoop on ankle?

Yes. There’s no reason why you should not wear the Whoop on your ankle. However, you should ensure that your tracker has a solid fit for accurate data.

Can you wear a whoop on the bicep?

Absolutely! You can use a bicep band to help you move the Whoop Strap off your wrist. This is an excellent option if you prefer wearing your device on your biceps.

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Does it matter which wrist you wear whoop?

It doesn’t matter which wrist you wear your Whoop Strap. However, you should ensure that your Whoop is snug but not too tight. Ensure that the sensors have solid contact with your skin.

Should I wear my Whoop strap all the time?

Yes. The Whoop is designed for 24/7 use. Therefore, it’s important to put on your Whoop for accurate sleep and recovery data.

Can You Shower With a Whoop?

Yes. After a shower, remove the strap and wash the band with water/soap. Also, wash the area of your skin covered by the strap sensor.

Can I Wear Whoop on Dominant Hand?

You should wear your Whoop strap with the right tightness on the non-dominant hand. Your device should lie two fingers-width above your wrist bone.

Can Whoop Strap Be Worn On Ankle?

Final Thoughts

If you engage in intense workouts, you need to place your Whoop Strap in an area that provides maximum support. One of the most convenient locations is on your ankle, which will provide maximum stability during intense workout sessions.