Can You Use Oura Ring Without Subscription?

If you’ve been looking into buying the Oura Ring, you may have noticed that the fitness ring comes with a subscription. This might have left you wondering if it’s possible to use the Oura Ring without subscription.

In this post, I’ll explore this question in detail and help you understand what features are available with and without Oura membership.

So, can you use Oura Ring without subscription?

While the Oura Ring membership offers several advanced features, such as personalized guidance, deep data, and accurate insights (delivered daily), it is not necessary to purchase one for you to use the ring. You still have access to sleep, readiness, and activity scores even without an Oura membership.

NB: The scores you get when using Oura Ring without a subscription are pretty useless. They are just numbers without context or insight. To get the most out of your Gen3 Oura Ring, consider subscribing to Oura membership.

What is the Oura Ring?

The Oura Ring is a wearable fitness ring that tracks and provides you with information about your fitness and wellness – sleep, activity, and recovery.

Like all fitness rings, the Oura ring is worn on the finger like a normal ring. The ring uses advanced sensors to track your heart rate variability, body temperature, sleep patterns, and SpO2, among other stuff; and then uses the data to provide insights into your health and well-being.

The Oura Ring Membership

To get the most out of your Oura Ring, you’ll need to pay for Oura Ring Membership.

The membership is a monthly subscription that provides you with access to advanced features like in-depth sleep analysis, personalized health analysis, heart rate monitoring, and body temperature readings among others.

The cost of Oura ring membership varies depending on the part of the world you reside. US members pay 5.99 USD per month, EU members pay 5.99 Euros per month and members from the rest of the world pay 6.99 USD per month.

You can sign up for the Whoop subscription from your account on the Oura website or mobile app.

NB: The first month of Oura Membership is free. You get to test-run the membership and decided whether you need it or not.
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Why subscribe to Oura Membership:

In addition to sleep, readiness, and activity scores, Oura members also get to enjoy the following:

  • Temperature trend monitoring (to identify early signs of sickness)
  • You get in-depth sleep analysis, personalized health insights – daily.
  • 24/7 live and accurate heart rate monitoring,
  • Thanks to personalized insights you can better understand your body’s reaction to exercise, food, and the environment.

Using the Oura Ring Without Subscription

While the Oura Ring membership grants you access to a wide range of advanced insights, it is not a requirement to use the fitness ring – you can use the ring without paying for a subscription.

The basic features of the ring, such as sleep, activity, and recovery tracking (and a daily score on the three) are available without a membership.

To use the fitness ring without a subscription, download the Oura app (Android and iOS) and connect the ring to your phone (via Bluetooth). Once connected, you can use the ring to track your sleep, activity, and recovery. From the app you can view your daily sleep, recovery, and activity scores.

Limitations of Using the Oura Ring Without a Subscription

Can You Use Oura Ring Without Subscription?

While you can use the Oura Ring without a membership, there are some limitations to what data and insights you can get from the ring.

Without a subscription, the Oura Ring Gen3 is useless! It just provides the daily score on sleep, recovery, and activity – without the trends or personalized insights that come with the subscription. You won’t get a detailed understanding of your sleep patterns, readiness, or heart rate variability.

Also, Oura on the web is only limited to Oura Ring owners with a membership.

NB: If you cannot afford the monthly subscription don’t buy the Oura Ring Gen3 – you won’t get anything other than three useless scores. I say useless because they are some numbers without context, trends, or personalized insights.

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Who Should Use the Oura Ring Without a Subscription?

If you’re on a budget or only need basic data (sleep, activity, and recovery scores), then using the Oura Ring without a subscription could be a good option for you. It’s also a good choice if you’re just testing out the ring and aren’t sure if you want to commit to a subscription yet.

Does the Oura Ring Gen2 require a subscription?

No, the subscription is only for Gen3 Oura Ring users. Current Oura Ring Gen2 owners who want to upgrade to Gen3 get a free lifetime membership.


Even though it is possible to use the Oura Ring without subscription, you will miss out on some of the more advanced features and insights.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive understanding of your fitness and wellness, then the Oura Membership is worth the investment.