How To Find a Lost Oura Ring (Steps)

Losing your Oura Ring can be a stressful and frustrating experience. In this post, I’ll show you how to find a lost Oura Ring – with practical tips and tricks to help you locate your fitness ring.

So, whether you’ve lost your Oura Ring at home, or in the office, read on to learn how you can find it quickly and easily.

How To Find a Lost Oura Ring (The Steps)

The Oura Ring is an important piece of technology that provides insights into your sleep, activity, and overall wellness. Losing the ring means losing valuable data and insights.

The following are steps to take when you realize your Oura Ring is lost:

Start Searching

To find Oura Ring, look around your house (in your pockets, bags, or purses) or any areas where you’ve been recently (like the office or the gym).

Retrace your steps to see if you can remember where you last had the ring. Retracing your steps helps you narrow down your search area for the missing ring.

Use an App

You can use the Find My Ring or Find My Lost Bluetooth Device apps to find your lost Oura Ring. The apps are built to detect nearby Bluetooth devices.

Using the ‘Find My Lost Bluetooth Device’ app, select your lost Oura Ring on the list and move around slowly. Watch the estimated distance, signal strength, and hints on the screen. When you see the “Your Device Is Here!” message, look around and you should find your smart ring nearby.

If you are using the ‘Find My Ring’ app, move around slowly. When the Oura Ring is in range, a signal indicator will appear. Move towards the direction of the strength of the signal. You should be close to your Oura Ring when all or most of the bars have lit up.


  • For this method to work, the Oura Ring should have some battery remaining. You won’t be able to use the method if the Oura Ring battery is dead.
  • The method won’t work if the ring is in Restricted Mode. Unrestricted mode protects your ring from any unauthorized pairing.
  • Also, for the method to work, the ring shouldn’t be connected to another Bluetooth device. So, start by disconnecting the ring from the Oura Ring app.

Check with Local Lost and Founds

If you still can’t find your Oura Ring, check with your local lost and founds. Someone may have found it and turned it in.

You could also post about your lost sleep-tracking ring on social media. Someone from your social media circles may have seen it or know where it is.

Tips to Keep Your Oura Ring Safe

Keeping your Oura Ring safe from getting lost is essential to ensure you don’t misplace or lose the valuable fitness ring.

How To Find a Lost Oura Ring

The following are some tips to help you keep your Oura Ring safe:

Ensure a proper fit: Oura ring comes in 8 different sizes (6 – 13). Go for a size that perfectly fits snugly on your preferred finger. A loose ring may fall off, while a tight ring may become uncomfortable.

Remove it when necessary: Take off your Oura Ring when engaging in activities where it may slip off your finger, such as doing manual labor, swimming, or exercising.

Keep the ring in a designated spot: Have a designated spot where you keep your Oura Ring when you’re not wearing it. You can use a jewelry box or a dish on your bedside table for this function. This will help prevent it from getting lost or misplaced. Avoid leaving the ring lying around on countertops.

Always keep the ring charged: To find lost ōura ring using the Find My Ring app, the ring needs to have some battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace my lost Oura Ring?

How to find my Oura Ring

Yes, you can replace your lost Oura Ring – at a cost (Oura warranty does not cover lost rings). Contact Oura customer support for assistance.

Will my Oura Ring still work if it’s lost?

No, your Oura Ring will not work if it’s lost. It needs to be in contact with your body and near your smartphone and connected via Bluetooth to synchronize data.

Will Oura replace the lost ring?

According to Oura Ring’s terms and conditions, you are responsible for securing your own compatible hardware (the ring). Oura shall have no responsibility to provide any additional hardware (ring). So, Oura will replace a lost ring but at your expense.

I found an Oura ring. What do I do?

If you find an Oura Ring consider contacting Oura customer support and reporting that you have found a lost ring. They should be able to assist in finding the original owner.


Losing your Oura Ring can be a frustrating experience, but with the steps in this post, you now know how to find lost Oura Ring (the steps increases your chances of finding it).

Remember to properly fit your ring (a loosely fitted ring may fall off), take it off before physical activities, and keep it in a designated spot.

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