How Long Does Apple Watch Take to Charge?

Although Apple has promised 18 hours of use on a single charge for most of their apple Watch models, usage isn’t the same for all buyers. Compared to other watches, the Apple Watch comes with less strong battery life, and you may need to charge it daily.

But how long does an Apple Watch take to charge? Here’s everything you need to know about charging your Apple Watch.

So, How Long Does Apple Watch Take to Charge?

An Apple watch takes between 1 hour to 1.5 hours to fully charge to 100%. Most models will charge at least 80% in 1 hour. However, if your battery is completely flat, it may take up to 30 minutes for it to have sufficient charge to turn on.

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How Long Does an Apple Watch to Charge for the First Time?

When new, a fully discharged battery requires at least 1.5 hours. However, the charging time depends on various factors. Charging with a duplicate, normal, or original cable can affect the time of charging. It’s advisable to use the same adapter or cable that came with your smartwatch. Using a duplicate or any other adapter or cable can slow down the process of charging and can ruin your battery.

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Should I Charge my Apple Watch Every night?

How long does Apple Watch take to charge?

Considering how intensive the Apple Watch is, you need to charge your watch every day, and night is the best time to do it because you don’t have activities to track unless you want to track your sleep patterns.

Fortunately, there is no harm in charging your Apple watch every night. Apple Watches come with high-quality Lithium-ion batteries that can withstand overnight charging without affecting the battery life of the performance of your watch.

How Long Does a completely Dead Apple Watch Take to Charge?

To ensure you’re charging your Apple Watch to full capacity and not running the risk of overcharging, you need to know how long your Apple Watch takes to charge when it’s completely dead. According to apple, most Apple Watch models take 1 hour to charge from 0 to 80% and 90 minutes from zero to full charge. However, if your device is completely flat, it can take up to 30 minutes to gain enough power to charge it.

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Can You Charge Apple Watch While Wearing it?

Unfortunately, unlike other gadgets like iPad and iPhones, you cannot use Apple Watch while charging.

But why yet other devices have the capability to be used while charging?

Well, Apple Watch charges using a magnetic charging circle placed on the underside of your device, the same spot that’s in contact with your wrist. Therefore, you won’t be able to wear it while the charger is connected.

Apple Watch comes with a “nightstand mode” that gets activated when the watch is charging. This mode only displays the date, battery level, and time until you disconnect the Apple Watch from the charger.

How Do You Know if Your Apple Watch is Charging?

When the Apple Watch is charging, you’ll see a green lightning bolt indicator on the screen. If you see a red lightning bolt, your Apple Watch is on low battery and requires to be charged. If anything else apart from this happens when charging your Apple Watch, you need to check if everything is working correctly.

Check the connection between the Apple Watch and the charger, double-check the charging block and the cable, try using another charger, or restart your watch. If your charger is functional, but your Apple Watch won’t charge, contact Apple Support.

Does Apple Watch Have Wireless Charging?

Apple Watch uses inductive wireless charging, meaning that the electromagnets in your charger produce an electric current inside the Apple Watch, which charges the battery. Although the charger comes with a wire, you don’t have to plug it in directly, hence wireless charging.

Inductive charging functions once you have properly positioned your Apple Watch. However, it can be a bit finicky compared to a regular charging cable since the connection between the charger, and the device is not secure.

How to Fix Your Apple Watch Battery That dies So Fast

How Long Does Apple Watch Take to Charge?

If your Apple Watch won’t last for a day, there’s a likelihood that you’re using your watch more than an average user. Fortunately, there are ways you can use it to prolong the battery life. Here’s how to improve the Apple Watch battery life:

  • Repair your watch and iPhone
  • Turn off some push notifications
  • Turn off the background app refresh
  • Get your watch serviced
  • Turn on Reduce Motion

Final Thoughts

Apple Watch is effortless to charge, and you can adopt a convenient charging pattern to keep your device connected all day long. If you try all these tips and your Apple Watch isn’t functioning well, contact Apple Support for service.