Does the Apple Watch Come Charged?

Does the Apple Watch come charged? This is one question that most people have when they purchase an Apple Watch.

In this post, we will explore the answer to this question. I will also provide some tips for getting the most out of your watch’s battery life.

Does the Apple Watch Come Charged?

Apple Watch comes out of the box with some battery life, but it’s advisable to charge any new piece of electronics before using it. Place your Apple Watch on the charger, and try to set it up for the first time.

The charging time may take an hour or two until full charge. If the watch fails to power on when you put it on the charger, press the side buttons to switch it on.

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How Long is the Battery Life for Apple Watch?

Do apple watches come charged

Apple states that the watches have a battery life of 18 hours. But the battery life depends on the daily activities and the apps you’re using. If you exercise with your music on, the battery life will be lower than one using the Apple watch to check time and notifications.

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How do I know my Apple Watch is charging?

Once you’ve placed your Apple Watch on the charge, you’ll hear a chime when charging starts, but your watch should not be in silent mode. A charging symbol will also appear on the watch’s face.

The red symbol means your Apple Watch needs power, while the green one means the device is charging. If the battery is very low, a low battery symbol and the image of the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable will appear on the screen.

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Why is my Apple Watch not charging?

If your Apple Watch isn’t charging, here are some reasons why:

Check the Lightning Bolt Icon

First, you need to check on the Apple Watch’s display to see if there’s a lightning bolt symbol in the upper left-hand corner. If it’s present, this means the watch is plugged in and is trying to charge. If the icon is present but the watch isn’t charging, it may be a software issue. But if it’s plugged in, but the icon doesn’t show up, most likely it’s a hardware issue.

Try Different Outlets to Charge the Apple Watch

If you’ve plugged in everything correctly but there’s no lightning icon, try to use different power outlets. If you’re at home, try an outlet in another room. If you’re somewhere trying to boost your watch, change the location and use a different outlet.

Using Third-Party Equipment

Your Apple Watch may fail to charge if you aren’t using the Apple Magnetic Charging Cable and the USB Power Adaptor meant for the watch. If you use third-party options, the results might not be as expected.

Check for Damage

Check if the USB Power Adaptor, the Charging Cable, and Watch’s display have any visible external damages. If yes, this might be the cause of not charging.

Try Cleaning it

You can check if there’s any visible accumulation of grime, gunk, or food-related mess at the back of the watch and the charger. Clean it carefully using a soft cloth, but don’t use any chemical solvent.

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Apple Watch battery dead out of box

Receiving a brand-new Apple Watch dead out of box can be frustrating. The following are a few things you can try if your Apple Watch battery is dead out of the box:

  • First, go to the settings and check the health of your battery. It’s also important to note that the watch has a small battery, and it may be sitting there for long.
  • Charge the Apple Watch for at least 2 hours using the charging cable and adapter that came with the watch.
  • Make sure that the charging cable and adapter are properly connected to the watch and to a power source.
  • If the watch still does not turn on after charging, try resetting it by pressing and holding the side button for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, it is possible that the watch is defective. At this point, you should contact Apple Support for assistance. Apple gives you 14 days to return the device.


Should I Charge My Apple Watch Before First Use?

The first charge won’t make a big difference since Apple Watches use Lithium batteries, which do not require activation. But if you want to charge it before usage, try it overnight.

Is it Ok to Charge Apple Watch Every Night?

Yes, it’s fine. If the most convenient time for you is overnight, it’s okay to charge it. Apple Watch cannot be overcharged or suffer any harm from regular charging.
Does Apple Watch Come Charged?

Final Thoughts

An Apple watch is a great investment, and you should always keep it topped up for around-the-clock wearability and effective sleep tracking at night. Make sure you use the right charging devices to avoid problems with the device.

I hope the post satisfactorily answers the question: Do Apple Watches come charged?