Is Fitbit Cheaper in the United States?

Fitbit is a popular brand of fitness tracker and activity monitor that tracks your movement, exercise, heart rate, and your sleep.

Fitbit has been a popular fitness tracker company for years. Few people know that they have been in the market for a decade now. They have a variety of models available to suit your needs including the Fitbit One, Fitbit Flex 2, Fitbit Charge 3, Fitbit Ionic, and more.

Fitbit has a team of customer support agents who are available 24/7 to help you set up or fix any issues that you may be experiencing with your device.

But, Is Fitbit Cheaper in the US?

Simple Answer: In comparison to other regions of the world, Fitbit is cheaper in the US (This is due to differences in taxes, regulations and logistics)

In this post, I’ll compare the prices of some Fitbit trackers and smartwatches in 3 different countries.

Fitbit Price in the US Price in the UK Price in CA
Fitbit Versa 2$149.95£139.99 (192 USD)229.95 CAD (183 USD)
Fitbit Versa 3$199.95£169.99 (233 USD) 299.95 CAD (238 USD)
Fitbit Sense$229.95£249.99 (343 USD) 399.95 CAD (270 USD)
Fitbit Charge 4$99.95£99.99 (137 USD) 169.95 CAD (135 USD)
Fitbit Inspire 2 $79.95£89.99 (123 USD) 129.95 CAD (103 USD)
Fitbit Ace 3$59.95£69.99 (96 USD) 99.95 CAD (79 USD)
Fitbit Luxe $149.95£129.99 (178 USD) 199.95 CAD (159 USD)

Why is Fitbit Cheaper in the US?

Is Fitbit Cheaper in the US?

Simple Answer: Fitbit prices its products uniquely in each region (depending on taxes, regulations, and logistics).

Fitbit has been working to expand its global footprint but its prices have served as a barrier. Each country has different needs and the prices in one region are not always the same as in another.

In some markets, Fitbit is too expensive for consumers so they have to choose a competitor with more affordable prices. (See Fitbit alternatives here)

List of Fitbit Products (Trackers and Smartwatches)

The following table summarizes the different products that Fitbit offers in the market (and their release date):

ProductRelease DateType
Fitbit AceDecember 2018Tracker
Fitbit InspireFebruary 2019Tracker
Fitbit Inspire 2September 2020Tracker
Fitbit Charge 3October 2018Tracker
Fitbit Charge 4March 2020Tracker
Fitbit LuxeApril 2021Tracker
Fitbit VersaApril 2018Smartwatch
Fitbit Versa 2September 2019Smartwatch
Fitbit Versa 3August 2020Smartwatch
Fitbit SenseSeptember 2020Smartwatch