Oura Ring Vs Amazon Halo: Side-by-Side Comparison

With so many fitness trackers on the market, it can be challenging to decide which one to choose. In this post, we will compare two popular fitness trackers: the Oura Ring and the Amazon Halo View.

Even though both fitness trackers are designed to help you monitor your activity, sleep, and overall health, they have some differences that may make one better than the other.

The Oura Ring is a ring-shaped tracker that you wear on your finger (like a normal ring), while the Amazon Halo is a fitness band that you wear on your wrist (like a watch).

In this Oura Ring vs Amazon Halo post, we will compare the two fitness trackers in terms of design, features, battery life, accuracy, and price – helping you decide which wearable is the best fit for you.

Amazon has decided to discontinue Halo activity trackers (Halo Band, Halo View, and the Halo Rise), effective July 31, 2023. The Amazon Halo app will no longer function after August 1, 2023. Customers who have paid the $4 per month subscription fee, or have recently purchased a Halo product, may be entitled to a refund, and Amazon is also providing a way to return and recycle Halo products.

Oura Ring Vs Amazon Halo View

Oura RingAmazon Halo View
Sleep TrackingYesYes
Heart Rate MonitoringYesYes
Activity TrackingYesYes
Tracker cost$299 – $549$79.99
Membership cost$5.99 per month$3.99 per month
Membership trial1 Month1 Year
Battery LifeUp to 7 daysUp to 7 days
Charging time20 – 80 minutesLess than 2 hours
Water Resistanceup to 100mup to 50m
ColorsBlack, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, and StealthActive Black, Sage Green, and Lavender Dream
MaterialTitaniumHigh-performance TPU
Weight4 – 6 grams20.6 – 21.85 grams

Design and Comfort

The Oura Ring Gen 3 is a sleek and stylish smart ring that comes in 5 colors and finishes (Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, and Stealth) to suit your style. The ring is made of titanium and is incredibly lightweight, weighing between 4 and 6 grams (depending on size). The ring is comfortable to wear and is designed to be worn all day and night, including during exercise and sleep.

The Amazon Halo View is a minimalist wearable (worn on the wrist) that comes in 3 band colors (Active Black, Sage Green, and Lavender Dream). The fitness band is made of High-performance TPU material and weighs between 20.6 and 21.85 grams. The band is comfortable to wear and is designed to be worn all day and night, including during exercise and sleep.

The Oura Ring comes in 8 different sizes to cater to the different finger sizes (6 – 13). You first receive a free sizing kit which you use to determine the ring size that works for you. A ring is then shipped within a week.

The Amazon Halo View, on the other hand, comes in 2 sizes: Small/Medium size (130-195mm) and Medium/Large size (160-225mm).

Overall, both wearables have a sleek and stylish design that is comfortable to wear all day and night. The Oura Ring is more discreet and lightweight, while the Amazon Halo has a minimalist design.

Sleep Tracking

Both the Oura Ring and Amazon Halo View offer sleep tracking and analysis capabilities.

In addition to tracking REM sleep, light sleep, and deep sleep, the Oura Ring also comes with personalized insights, an automatic nap detection feature, and a sleep staging algorithm.

While both fitness trackers offer some level of accuracy in tracking sleep patterns, the Oura Ring has been consistently praised for its accuracy in sleep tracking and analysis.

The reason for this lies in the Oura Ring’s use of more advanced sensors and algorithms to measure various metrics such as heart rate variability, body temperature, and movement during sleep.

Overall, those looking for a more accurate and in-depth sleep tracking and analysis experience may find the Oura Ring to be a better option than the Amazon Halo.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Both fitness trackers offer live heart monitoring (24/7 HR). You get to learn how your body responds to your daily habits and choices as it happens.

The Oura Ring lets you track your heart rate during workouts and gives you post-workout insights. Workout Heart Rate is not available on Amazon Halo View.

Activity Tracking

Both fitness trackers come with various sensors and algorithms to capture and analyze your physical activities and vital signs.

They both track your steps taken, calories burned, sedentary time, activity score, and activity intensity/level throughout the day.

The Oura has an automatic activity detection, which detects over 30 activities for you automatically and delivers insights afterward.

Water Resistance

Both the Amazon Halo and the Oura Ring are water-resistant so you can wear them in the shower or when swimming.

The Oura Ring is water-resistant up to 100m (328 feet) while the Amazon Halo is water-resistant up to 50m (164 feet).

Battery Life

Battery life is an important factor to consider when choosing between the Oura Ring and the Amazon Halo.

The Oura Ring has a battery life of up to 7 days, depending on usage. This is longer than most wearables, making it a convenient option for those who don’t want to worry about charging their device frequently. The ring charges quickly, taking only 20 – 80 minutes to reach a full charge.
The Amazon Halo has a battery life of up to 7 days, which is also impressive. The device fully charges in less than 2 hours.

NB: The battery life of any fitness tracker varies depending on how often you use its features. For example, if you use the continuous heart rate monitoring feature, the battery may drain faster than if you only use the tracker to track your sleep.


The Oura Ring is a bit more expensive than the Amazon Halo View. The Gen 3 Oura Ring price ranges from $299 to $549. The Amazon Halo goes for $79.99.

When it comes to membership costs, the Oura Ring membership will cost you $5.99 per month (free for one month) while the Amazon Halo membership will cost you $3.99 per month (free for one year).

NB: Even though the Oura and Halo memberships let you get the most out of your fitness tracker (gives you access to advanced features and insights), the subscription is not a requirement for the ring or band to work.

Overall, the Amazon Halo may be a better option for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on a fitness tracker.

Features Available on the Amazon Halo only

  • Movement tracking – get movement health information, movement score, and a personalized movement program.
  • Tone of Voice analysis – get to learn how you sound to others.
  • Body Composition Analysis – measures body fat percentage (it is a better indicator of health than BMI alone).
  • A suite of workout and programs
  • Nutrition support – with recipes, shopping lists, and weekly menu.
  • Mindful and meditation programs (from Halo and partners like Headspace and Aaptiv) – to reduce stress and improve mental wellness.
  • The Amazon Halo View has a screen.

NB: The above features are only available to those who have a paid Amazon Halo Membership.

Features Available on the Oura Ring only

Oura Ring Vs Amazon Halo
  • Recovery Time – to help your body to rest and recover.
  • Blood Oxygen Sensing (SpO2) – tells if you’re experiencing any breathing disturbances at night.
  • Period protection – predicts your period up to 30 days in advance.
  • Workout heart rate – monitors your heart rate during your workouts and gives post-workout insights.
  • Automatic Activity detection – automatically detects over 30 activities for you and delivers insights after the workout.


After comparing the Oura Ring and Amazon Halo, both devices have their strengths and weaknesses.

The Oura Ring excels in sleep tracking and recovery metrics, while the Amazon Halo offers unique features such as tone analysis and body composition analysis.

For those who prioritize sleep tracking and recovery metrics, the Oura Ring is the clear winner. Its advanced sensors and algorithms provide detailed insights into sleep quality, heart rate variability, and recovery status.

On the other hand, the Amazon Halo is a great choice for those who want to track their body composition and tone of voice. It is also one of the cheaper alternatives in the market.

Ultimately, the choice between the Oura Ring and Amazon Halo depends on your budget, your preferences, and priorities.