Should I Buy a Used Fitbit?

Although Fitbit trackers aren’t new to the market, they are still quite expensive, especially with features like GPS tracking, heart rate monitors, among others. For this reason, some fitness enthusiasts consider pre-owned and used trackers.

But is buying a used Fitbit a great option? Are there risks, and what should you look for before purchasing? If you’re looking for a used Fitbit, here’s what you should know before buying a Fitbit.

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What is a Secondhand Fitbit?

A used or secondhand Fitbit is an activity tracker previously owned by another user but can track your day-to-day activity.

Should I Buy a Used Fitbit?

Before buying a used Fitbit, it’s important to note that not all fitness trackers are the same, and there is quite a lot to know before you buy. Before making the final decision, there are two terms to keep in mind: “used” and “refurbished.”

In both cases, the devices were previously; however, you don’t know how long and the circumstances surrounding their functionality. In other words, a used Fitbit is purchased directly from the previous owner, but a refurbished Fitbit, although previously owned, it has been tested, repaired, and approved by Fitbit or other verified third-party retailer. 

Although you can buy a used Fitbit directly from its previous user, there’s a lot you’re not aware of. This may be a risky scenario because the device may be fully functional, but if it stops functioning after a short while, there’s no guarantee it will ever function again.

Even the most skilled DIYer may struggle to repair a faulty device, and the Fitbit may fail to sync with other devices. Although it isn’t impossible to fix the Fitbit, it may be more expensive and cost more time in the long run.

If you want to buy a used Fitbit, it’s advisable to get it from a reputable seller.

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Benefits of Buying a Secondhand Fitbit

They are More Affordable

The main reason to purchase a pre-owned or used Fitbit is obvious: they are a bit pocket-friendly. A used Fitbit can cost anywhere from 20 to 40 or more percent less than a brand-new new. If you’re buying from verified third-party sites, the cost of the Fitbit may be less than half of the original price.

Risks of Buying a Secondhand Fitbit

Technology Changes Rapidly

Fitbit devices are continuously equipped with new features to function more smoothly and reliably than older models. Therefore, when buying a used Fitbit, you may miss out on some advanced health and fitness features, a more efficient battery, and a better display. However, if you like older models, you can opt for a used Fitbit.

It’s also important to note that brand new gadgets lack a large user base on social channels after a few months of release, which can be a challenge if you expect to find reviews from other users.

It May Be in Questionable Condition

Although most fitness trackers have a durable design, they’re also prone to break. Components can get faulty, and wristbands can fray. Besides accidents and impact, there are factors that cause even the well-cared-for watch to deteriorate over time, and the battery will deplete and hold less charge.

So, How Do you Decide if it’s Fine to Buy a Used Fitbit or Not?

The most important thing is determining why you need a tracker and the features you want to use. If you want a Fitbit to monitor your workouts only, you don’t need to spend a fortune for a device with a ton of productivity-focused features.

It boils down to the ability to make the device your own. There’s a sense of ownership that comes with using a Fitbit straight out of the box and understanding the whole history. If you’re looking for a used Fitbit, it’s crucial to know what to look for before making the purchase. Enquire how long the device has been in use and if it has any issues.

Should I Buy a Used Fitbit?

What to Do After You Buy a Secondhand Fitbit?

It’s important to have the seller reset the Fitbit device since it may contain some personal information from the previous user. Once the factory settings are restored, customize the device to suit your preferences and needs. There are some Fitbit models that clear data automatically after removing your account from the Fitbit app.


Can I Give My Fitbit to Someone Else?

Yes, it’s possible. All you need is to transfer your personal data from Fitbit and delete your personal information. The new user will need to log in to the Fitbit app and add the device.

Final Thoughts

Always remember to look for flaws in a Fitbit device before making a purchase and ensure that you’re buying from reputable sellers.