Fitbit Charge 5 vs. Charge 4 Vs. Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 5 vs. Charge 4 Vs. Charge 3

Although there are many Fitbit trackers out there, Fitbits are considered one of the best with good reason. There are several Fitbit smartwatches and trackers ranging in features, price, and design to suit every need, budget, and taste. Some of the most common Fitbit trackers include Fitbit Charge 3, Charge 4, and Charge 5. Whether … Read more

Fitbit Flight Game: All You Need to Know

Fitbit Flight Game: All You Need to Know

The best thing about Fitbit trackers is that they are not just fitness trackers but also entertainment devices providing exciting games, apps, music, and other amazing stuff. One of the best games you can play on Fitbit is the Fitbit Flight. If you love games and own a Fitbit smartwatch, here’s what you need to … Read more

Pandora on Fitbit: Everything You Need to Know

Pandora on Fitbit: Everything You Need to Know

The best thing about Fitbit smartwatches is that they can do things that smartphones can do, including playing your favorite tunes. If you’re trying to learn how to add Pandora to your Fitbit, you’re at the right place. We’ll discuss how to add Pandora to your Fitbit, and we’ll also give you tips on how … Read more

How Tight Should Fitbit Be to be Accurate?

How Tight Should Fitbit Be

The Fitbit is an easy-to-use, wireless device that records your activities and sleep patterns. It is also used to monitor your weight, heart rate, body temperature, and daily calories burned. The question is – How tight should Fitbit be? People have different preferences when it comes to wearing Fitbit. Some want a tight fit in … Read more

How to Update Fitbit (Both App and Firmware)

How to Update Fitbit (Both App and Firmware)

The Fitbit is an effective and reliable fitness tracker, but it needs some updates after some time. These updates offer new features, bug fixes, and functionality improvements. In this post, I’ll explain what a Fitbit app is, how to update your Fitbit, and what to do if your Fitbit fails to update. What is a … Read more

When Should I Charge My Fitbit? Definitive Answer

When Should I Charge My Fitbit?

Fitbit’s trackers come with decent batteries that allow you to keep track of your exercise, heart rate, steps, and weight, among other crucial activities. However, in order to view your progress every minute, you need to keep your device charged at all times. Here’s how you should charge your Fitbit and increase the battery life. … Read more

Is Garmin Vivoactive 4 Waterproof?

Is Garmin Vivoactive 4 Waterproof?

If you’re looking for a perfect workout companion, then Garmin Vivoactive4 is for you. Although it might not look like a rugged device, the Garmin Vivoactive 4 is one of the best smartwatches for fitness enthusiasts and active users. This smartwatch is a favorite choice for those who are looking for the best in durability … Read more

Smartwatch Vs. Fitness Tracker: Side by Side Comparison

Smartwatch Vs. Fitness Tracker

Smartwatches and fitness trackers are among the best accessories to help you track your daily activities and monitor your fitness levels. Although they are classified as the best wearable tech accessories, fitness trackers and Smartwatches have some differences. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, a fitness tracker may seem like the real deal. But is it? … Read more

Best Fitbit Alternatives (Updated 2023)

best fitbit alternatives

It’s not a secret that our obsession with fitness trackers often leads us straight to Fitbit first. And for good reasons. Here’s the problem, though: While Fitbit streamlines its devices and software for better performance, its fitness watches are insanely expensive. This is where the best Fitbit alternatives come in. To be clear, the substitutes … Read more

Best Fitbit Charge 5 Apps for 2023

Fitbit Charge 5 Apps

If you’re like most people, you probably think of your smartphone as an essential part of your day-to-day life. Not only do they keep you connected with the world around you, but they also provide a wealth of opportunities for entertainment and productivity. But what if there was another device that could help make your … Read more

Best Screen Protector for Fitbit Versa

Best Fitbit Versa Screen Protectors Reviews Updated 2021

A case may protect the back of your Fitbit from getting dented if it hits the floor, or from getting scratched when placed in the pocket. However, a case won’t keep your Fitbit’s screen safe. Fitbit screen protectors can serve as a cushion between your watch’s display and possible hazards like your floor, the pavement, … Read more

Best Bands for Fitbit Charge 3 and 4

Best Bands for Fitbit Charge 4 and 3

The Fitbit Charge 3 has brought a major leap for all sports enthusiasts who love staying updated in every activity they are involved in. It has not only become a gadget of digital monitoring but also comes as a fashion statement for the modern style. So if you’re looking for a Fitbit Charge 3 or … Read more

Best Cycling Fitness Tracker 2023

Best Cycling Fitness Tracker Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

Cycling is an incredible activity and tracking your performance while cycling is crucial. However, it’s never easy tracking day-to-day ride, fitness, and health data. Although any smartphone can do the job, the spectrum of dedicated fitness and health devices now range to heart rate monitors, dedicated GPS computers, and power meters. Increasingly, though, sport watches … Read more

Best Fitbit for Monitoring Blood Pressure

Best Fitbit for Blood Pressure Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

With most of us leading sedentary lives and working for long hours at desk jobs, maintaining an exercise routine is a must. In addition to staying fit and eating right, monitoring your blood pressure is an excellent decision since you’ll stay abreast of various health issues such as stroke, heart disease, and kidney failure. Therefore, … Read more

Best Fitness Tracker Compatible with MyFitnessPal

Best Fitness Tracker for MyFitnesspal

A morning or evening run, inclusive of a healthy diet, can serve as a significant reflection in keeping your body fit. But what is the benefit of keeping fit without keeping track of your progress? A fitness tracker is an essential device since it helps you monitor your fitness progress. The primary obligation of having … Read more